Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Bridge between Life and Death Christian Art Sketch by Bertram Poole

Because of Adam's act of high treason, the entire human race is destined to die.  Problem is we are composed of 3 parts; spirit, soul and body.  We all know what happens to the body sooner or later.  Of course, the soul (the mind) follows the body.  To many it may be a surprise - the spirit part of you lives forever!

In this life we must choose where our spirit will spend eternity.  Originally, the lake of fire was reserved for the evil one and his agents because of his rebellion in Heaven.  The root of this rebellion was pride followed by an attempted mutiny.  People who support the enemy will join him.

This simplistic picture loudly points to the way of Life.  See the two happy people!

To some the picture might be nothing more than a fairy tale.  They may ask me what my stand is on the tooth mouse!  Nevertheless, it is easy to know the Truth.

Majority of people move through this life and essentially fall off the cliff.  A few find the Bridge.

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