Thursday, August 18, 2016

Christian Art Parable of the Sower artwork T Bertram Poole

Christian Art Parable of the Sower artwork T Bertram Poole is an impression of the well known parable where the sower sows but not all the seed produces a crop because of soil / heart condition - only broken deep soil / hearts are able to receive the seed / Word and produce a profit for the Kingdom!

Notice the birds, then the rocky soil on mid-left, the thorny soil on mid-right and the good crop in the foreground - I incorporated the Cross - brokenness happens at the foot of the Cross which is where the good crop is obtained.

Check this out from Expanded Bible:

A farmer [sower] went out to plant [sow] his seed. While he was planting [sowing, scattering seed], some seed fell by the road [along the footpath]. People walked [trampled] on the seed, and the birds [birds of the sky] ate it up. Some seed fell on rock, and when it began to grow, it died [withered; dried up] because it had no water [moisture]. Some seed fell among thorny weeds, but the weeds grew up with it and choked the good plants [ it]. And some [other] seed fell on good ground [soil] and grew and made a hundred times more. (Luke 8).

The embedded cross makes this painting unique and is created by the cast shadows of the hedge behind and the path.  The sower is at the foot of the cross showing the place of salvation and, as a result, the fruitful soil which produces the harvest!  I am doing a series of paintings of other parables which incorporate the cross in a similar way.

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